Commercial Law

The observed changes in the contractual practice show two essential features: The subject that has to be regulated very often is of a transboundary nature and involves connections to two or more legal systems. Hence there is a need to quickly assess the risks and opportunities that foreign legal systems bring with them. This is not only a question about the handling of a deviating technique when it comes to the drafting of contracts, but also coming to terms with foreign languages and cultures.

At the same time it can be stated that all contracts of certain relevance become more and more complex and individually tailored. The resulting higher accuracy directly results in a much more intensive burden of examination. Therefore there is a risk that contracts are biased towards the economically stronger party.

Our expertise includes the drafting and negotiation of serial supply contracts, joint-venture contracts, cooperation contracts, software development and licensing contracts as well as all kinds of M & A contracts.


  • Tim Bäuerle
  • Despina Triantou

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