Law Firm

The law firm has been founded in the year 1973 in Heidelberg. The law firm focuses on civil law, with special expertise in international private law.

Whether you need advice in the field of contract law or whether your concern lies in the field of commercial and business law or in labour law, we are in any case the perfect partner, even if questions of international private law or other international aspects must be taken into account.

We also represent your case reliably and competently if your family or inheritance issues must consider foreign law systems or languages. Furthermore we can assist in rental and building law issues.

A special field of expertise lies in international private law. The growing internationalisation of the economy has multiple effects on all individuals. Especially for small companies, the effects of globalisation are beyond control.

As a direct result international law, as an instrument for the coordination of economical relationships, becomes more and more important.

We also provide legal services in the field of all kind of legal relations between Germany and Greek. In this field we offer profound advice in all legal fields from commercial law to family law. We provide the necessary language skills and partner law offices abroad.

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